Nonwoven Fabrics to Enrich Our Lives

A Century of Experience in Nonwoven Fabrics

Nonwoven fabrics are high value-added materials that is adaptable for innumerable uses.
Kureha’s nonwoven fabrics help to protect the natural environment and demonstrate top-notch utility for a wide range of fields.
Our mission is to create and supply high-quality products with a short turnaround,leading to satisfaction-based trust from the customer.
Kureha places a key focus on research and development, employing our original technologies and developmental capabilities to bring about a new age.

Company Motto & Company Emblem

The Company Motto

Reliance Quality Creation

What is” Kureha” ?

rogo The word Kureha, representing the name of the place where Kureha Boseki was founded, is deeply rooted in the history of Japan’s textile industry.
The Japanese spinning and weaving technologies, which has its roots in China, was brought by weaving girls who came from the ancient Chinese nation of Wu to work for the Japanese government is Yamato Court as naturalized Japanese. Those women were called “Kurehatori” or “Ayahatori.”
The company emblem has been designed by positioning three katakana letters to spell Kureha to form a triangle.